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California Native Landscape Design



California Native Landscape Design

Well, we finally finished ...it [our yard] did need tons of work, and our plants are really taking off. Thanks again so much for your help with our yard. We are so happy with how it is turning out!"

Katie Eskew & Brian Croft, Redlands




 "We were so pleased to have found Rob when weCalifornia Native Landscape Design decided to transform our boring front lawn into a California native landscape.  Rob's expertise gave us a yard that people stop to admire on a regular basis.  Rob was very easy to work with and had a true knowledge of what it takes to design a California native garden, one that is so welcoming to us every time we arrive home. The birds are frequent visitors and seem to enjoy our yard as much as we do. Thanks, Rob.....The yard is truly beautiful!


Julie & James Napoli, Placentia





"When we decided to replace our lawn with native Californian plants, we contacted quite a few landscape companies. While some offered seminars and others dabbled in natives, only Rob specializedCalifornia Native Landscape Design exclusively in California landscapes. We were very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism but didn't get excited until he brought over the blueprints and showed us photos of the plants. He took his time and really listened to what we wanted--privacy, a bird feeding station, a meadow and flowing path--and incorporated it all into a wonderful habitat. Thanks to Rob, we now have a unique and beautiful native landscape, or as our neighbor calls it, "our new neighborhood park!"  Thanks again, Rob, for your wonderful work."


Marnee Evans and Jim Sanders, Orange



 "The variety of elevations and materials create a maze of angles, textures and colors. The small garden begs a prolongedCalifornia Native Landscape Design look. The drought tolerate native California plants, the stones, rocks, and the mulch provide a snug habitat, a miniature landscape to grace our entry.  The dew and rain deepen the intensity of the contrasts and help the moisture to saturate the soil. Our garden nurtures the environment and spirit. We look forward to the young garden maturing into its own. People walking by “stop to smell the …manzanita!”


Barbara B. Huntington Beach



"We're very pleased with California Native Landscape Design.

Our greatest challenge was planting under EucalyptusCalifornia Native Landscape Design trees. Our neighbors had experienced years of  disappointment trying to grow anything but Jade plants alongside the Euks because of their competitive root systems and deep shade. With Mr. Moore's knowledge and research, we have planted over 10 native plant species. All have shown growth and heartiness.

Throughout the planting process, Mr. Moore has been very supportive. He offered local retailers for all our products. He stopped by to see the progress and tipped us on specialized needs for a couple of plants. His response to our messages were all timely and complete.

CNLD has created a wonderful space for our family to enjoy. We find ourselves relaxing in the open spaces. Our son loves to race through the walkways and explore the rock swail. Butterflies come to rest on the warm rocks and we've found evidence of other wild critters visiting our yard. It's been a real hoot! Thanks so much for the great landscape design, Rob.” 


The de la Bests, Lake Forest



"It was great working with Rob Moore and CaliforniaCalifornia Native Landscape Design Native Landscape Design. When wildfires destroyed much of the landscape surrounding our two high schools, Rob worked diligently with a team of other landscape professionals to provide us with a plant palette and landscape design rich in California native plants which met our needs of being drought tolerant, low fire fuel, and slope stabilizing." 


Dr. A.J. ‘Skip’ Roland, Brea-Olinda Superintendent of Schools 




I'm delighted to report that all 50 of the plants areCalifornia Native Landscape Design alive and doing very well - growing, blooming, looking very happy. Thanks for being so thorough in your analysis of the site and my preferences. The plants you selected and the design for their placement have worked out beautifully! The whole neighborhood is very impressed with the transformation from boring, thirsty grass to a lovely native landscape.”  


C. Shannon, San Clemente 





“Hi Rob- I was just online looking at your web site and realized I had never written you about how pleased I am about the landscape designCalifornia Native Landscape Design you created for us. It is gorgeous and flourishing! Our neighbors love to bring their friends and family by our place to show them our landscaping. Rainbow Water District is pleased because our irrigation consumption is over 66% reduced from what it was before you implemented our 'new look.' Thank you so much for your imagination, sense of design and ability to convey that in the 'real world.'”


P. Bethel, Fallbrook



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